Jim Semick

  Last week I conducted a webinar for a software company in Portland, Oregon. My talk, “Innovation through Customer Development,” discussed the benefits of combining agile software development (Scrum) with customer development. The webinar was pretty uneventful, with one exception: In addition to the development team, the company asked several […]

Why Customers Love Agile and Customer Development

Yesterday my new online video course Startup Business Models and Pricing went live at Udemy.com. I created the course because I regularly talk with startup founders and teams who are getting ready to launch and haven’t validated their pricing or business model. Oh, and Udemy also asked me to create the […]

Is Your Product’s Pricing Leaving Money on the Table?

Why do startups fail? I’ve been reading through the Startup Genome Project to understand the patterns of why some startups succeed while others crash and burn. The project is based on data from over 3,200 high tech startups and describes the similarities of successful startups. It also describes common factors […]

What’s the Number One Cause of Startup Death?