Is Your Product’s Pricing Leaving Money on the Table?

Yesterday my new online video course Startup Business Models and Pricing went live at I created the course because I regularly talk with startup founders and teams who are getting ready to launch and haven’t validated their pricing or business model.¬†Oh, and Udemy also asked me to create the course, and I figured why not?

Much of the course is centered on a few core themes:

  • A solid business model is more than having a great product. It includes thorough validation of the right customer segment, acquisition method, sales channel, price, and other components.
  • Each component of your business model is interdependent. If you have a great product and sales channel, the model is weakened if you haven’t figured out how to cost-effectively identify and acquire the customers.
  • Validating the price of a product is more art than science, and it’s a critical part of your business model that can’t wait until right before launch. It relies on a combination of interviews to understand customer behavior as well as quantitative price testing.
  • Many of your assumptions about the business model may not be right. It’s only by engaging customers early that you can know whether you have a winner.

These core principles have worked well for me as I’ve helped companies develop business models that lead to successful products.

For the month of June, I’m offering my readers 50% off the course by using this coupon code.

The course covers these topics and more:

  • Successful business model examples
  • How to define and pivot your business and revenue model
  • Innovative revenue models for software and other products
  • Pricing mistakes and how to avoid them
  • How to test pricing with customers
  • Test selling business-to-business (B2B) products
  • Interviewing techniques that get the truth out of customers
  • Why customer lifetime value (LTV) is so critical

My hope is that a video course is more fun than a book and a whole lot less expensive that a consultant. I packed 10 years of experience into 14 separate lessons, so I think there is a lot value there that will save founders time and frustration. I’d love to hear your thoughts.